Hi there, I’m Hilary.

I'm a writer, content editor and marketing consultant based in Northern California. I have ten years of experience in the field, including a year working abroad in Dublin, Ireland. As a hired pen, it's my mission to take your ideas and turn them into concrete, compelling content—with a bit of flair and finesse, of course.

I work with:

º Startups
º Media agencies
º B2B companies
º B2C businesses
º Nonprofit organizations
º Social justice movements

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What can I help you with?



A to Z, astronomy to zoos, I’ve researched and written about beats in every corner: health, wellness, science, news, the arts and more. The inverted pyramid and AP Stylebook are my bread and butter.

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From editor-in-chief of my college newspaper to content director of a busy health blog, style and syntax are my idea of a good time. Smooth editing keeps both the writers and readers happy.



Great branding can spark a movement that matters. I help businesses find their voice with content that makes customers sit up and take notice. The right message at the right time leads to one thing: impact.