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A BIt About Me

I'm a marketing and communications specialist based in Carmel, California. I have a decade of experience working with a broad range of clients, from media agencies to B2B businesses, B2C companies and nonprofit organizations.


From A to Z, astronomy to zoos, I've written about beats in every corner: news, features, science, the arts and more. The inverted pyramid and AP Stylebook are my bread and butter. My preferred subject is health and wellness, though I’m game to write just about anything. (Case in point, I recently wrote a book about raising backyard chickens).


When you love to read as much as I do, editing becomes second nature. In the last two years alone, I've edited well over 1,000 articles, on everything from coconut oil to cryptocurrency. I've also edited more than 30 books, e-books and reports along the way. 


With ten years in the business, I know how to spark a movement with words that matter. I help businesses find their voice with copy that makes customers sit up and take notice. The right words at the right time lead to one thing: impact.

I'm mission-driven and passionate about helping businesses that help others—if that’s you, let me know! I strive for services with soul and conscious copywriting. In fact, you won’t catch me doing marketing campaigns for companies I don’t personally believe in—it’s a solid mission of mine in this business. Here are the types of clients I love working with:

  • Nonprofits bettering their communities

  • Social justice organizations mobilizing for a cause

  • Organic, sustainable companies benefiting consumers, animals and earth

  • Anything related to the yoga, natural health or wellness space




  • Headlines

  • Blog posts

  • Press releases

  • AP-style articles

  • Media advisories

  • In-depth research

  • Official statements



  • Rewriting

  • Copyediting

  • Proofreading

  • Fact-checking

  • Market research

  • Style guide compliance

  • SEO keyword optimization

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Current projects

Marketing Coordinator for the Arts Council of Monterey County

Director of Marketing and Communications for Monterey Peninsula Pride



In Progress: Certificate of Training in Spanish, Monterey Peninsula College (Monterey, California)

200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Seaside Yoga Sanctuary (Monterey, California)

M.Sc. in Marketing from University College Dublin Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School (Dublin, Ireland)

B.A. in Journalism - Public Relations, emphasis in Marketing from Humboldt State University (Arcata, California)


"I’ve had the honor of working with Hilary Lebow in her role as Content Director at The Alternative Daily. As a professional in the editorial and publishing field for over a decade, I can’t recommend Hilary enough. In fact, given the chance, I would absolutely work with her again.

Hilary’s comfortable but professional manner makes her a wonderful Content Director to work with. I keep writing “with” because, even though I reported directly to her, I never felt like I worked for her. She continually looks for advancement for her writers and is quick to give praise where it’s due – a quality that, I have no doubt, is an asset to an organization that hires young writers.

Not only is Hilary adept at crafting interesting and engaging pitches – for the reader and the writer – but she also nurtures other professionals and encourages them to be the best writer possible. I’ve witnessed her under tight deadlines and while managing several writers at once. In every instance, Hilary has led with grace, humor, and a dedication to serving the readers and the overall brand.

If you have the good fortune to hire Hilary, I have no doubt she’ll blow you away."

Megan Winkler

Assistant Content Editor

Dallas, Texas

“As a freelance writer for over ten years, I am writing this letter to provide a professional reference for Hilary. I had the pleasure to work with her at the Alternative Daily for more than two years. As the Content Editor and later Content Director, Hilary always lead with enthusiasm and an innate understanding of her field. 

She worked diligently planning, creating, editing, enhancing the value, and publishing credible and highly-shareable content. As a writer, I appreciate Hilary’s ability to communicate effectively and with patience. I found her highly proficient in restructuring information, thus allowing the train of thought to be smooth and logical.

After working with Hilary, I can confidently state that she is an absolute professional, who takes pride in her work and is dedicated to success of her team and any project she is a part of. I would gladly work with Hilary again.”

Katherine Marko

Freelance Writer

Ontario, Canada

"I had the pleasure to work with Hilary for two years, and can’t recommend her enough. During our time working together, she was always professional and easy to get along with. She streamlined the editorial process into a breeze, while at the same time constantly improving the standard of content. Above all though, I came to appreciate her reliability and uplifting attitude. It’s not always easy working remote, but it’s hard workers like Hilary who represent the best of this profession."

Ryan Mallett-Outtrim

Freelance Writer

Puebla, Mexico

"Hilary and I worked collaboratively on The Alternative Daily for two years, and I found her to be a hard worker and talented writer who meets and exceeds expectations.

In her role as Content Director, I have had the opportunity to observe her interpersonal style — she is a pleasant individual who is reliable, dependable and always upbeat. She has creativity, strong writing skills and is proficient at planning, organizing and executing large projects while leading a team of writers. With her high attention for detail, she is an excellent writer and editor with a talent for translating health and wellness information into engaging content."

Kate Bardis

Graphic Manager

Boulder, Colorado

Liivi Hess

Freelance Health Writer

Ontario, Canada

"I have been working on Hilary's team at The Alternative Daily where she is Content Director. I have found Hilary very easy to work with; she is always clear and prompt in her communication, and has excellent organizational skills in keeping the team on track. She is enthusiastic and helpful, a true team player. I would recommend working with Hilary to anyone without hesitation." 


President, Whites For Racial Equity

Monterey, California

"Working with Hilary was pure delight. She listened to what I wanted and help me formulate an even better design. She has a great artistic eye. Hilary was prompt, professional and I look forward to working with her again!"


Co-Chair, Monterey Peninsula Pride

Monterey, California

"In brief, she's nothing short of amazing at everything she does. Her strategic approach and technical ability make her a key asset."

"I have had the opportunity to work with Hilary as a co-organizer for the Monterey Peninsula Pride Parade and Celebration for the past two years and serve with her on our board of directors. She leads our external communications effort for our organization and continues to be involved as we grow. 

In the time that I have known her, Hilary has constantly been a strong contributor, taking the lead on projects and executing them diligently. Hilary has a knack at connecting with and building communities. She knows the language to use to engage audiences and encourage them to take action.

Hilary is also a champion of diversity and inclusion. As part of her role developing an external communications strategy for the pride parade and celebration, she took the initiative to ensure that our marketing materials were translated into Spanish. This helped broaden the audience for the event and helped build bridges within our diverse community."


Treasurer, Monterey Peninsula Pride

Monterey, California

"Hilary was an absolute joy to work with. I approached her when I needed help completing my first business website. Working with her was truly a collaborative experience — she's a warm and caring cracker-jack thinker. She cares about the work she does with her clients. Most importantly, Hilary is a woman of her word, extremely reliable and will bend over backwards to make one happy.

I thought it was going to take a week to complete my project, but when I worked with Hilary, we got the job done in three hours. I can't ever thank her enough for helping me take my website to the next level. Thanks to her guidance, I've received terrific reviews on my new website. I also managed to make two sales before my website even launched through my online store. Hilary is a queen of marketing expertise!"  


Fine Artist

Monterey, California

"I was building a website for a friend's jewelry store, but as an engineer I have no idea what magic combination of words will make people interested in a product or service that doesn't come with a spec sheet. That is why I turned to Hilary to help with the verbiage. She did a great job of writing copy that really projected the image that we were trying to cultivate for the shop and even went so far as to help walk me through the process of how to attract more traffic to the site through search engine optimization. If you really want to get your website or business noticed, then Hilary should be your go-to gal!" 



Monterey, California

"Hilary is awesome to work with! The copy is great and she's very timely. Just a really great experience overall. I hope to use her services regularly! By far the best freelancer I've worked with. Thanks Hilary!" 


Fitness Blogger

Chicago, Illinois

"Thank you for the excellent work on my projects, Hilary. I appreciate your focused creativity, efficiency and attention to detail. I also appreciate that you deliver a high quality result that achieves the goals we set for the project. I look forward to working with you again!" 


Artist Manager

San Francisco, California


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