10 Exciting Telecommute Jobs For Hawaii Residents

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Telecommuting offers flexibility, tons of variety, and as much freedom as you can handle. Throw in a beautiful island paradise with an unemployment rate below the national average, and you’ve conjured up a work model that’s tough to beat. 

Hawaii ranks as one of Virtual Vocations’ top 5 most searched telecommute job locations. If you’re a current resident of “The Aloha State” or looking for the right job to inspire your relocation, finding a Hawaii-based telecommute job using our Telecommute Jobs Database will be a breeze—a cool island breeze, to be exact.

Say aloha to these 10 exciting telecommute jobs for Hawaii residents:

Telecommute Clinical Transformation Consultant

Is compassion your calling? Companies like United Health Group are looking for qualified candidates to lead community programs and improve access to healthcare for patients in need. As a remote Clinical Transformation Consultant you’d have the chance to invest in the future of healthcare and make a difference to the growing Medicaid population in Hawaii—all from the comfort of your own home.

Home-Based Consulting Engineer

You don’t have to reside in Silicon Valley to lead organizations with innovative software development. As a telecommuting Consulting Engineer, you’d work directly with clients on database solutions and deliver software training to a range of audiences around the globe. Plus, you’d have the chance to travel and meet with some of the brightest minds in the information technology industry.

Telecommute Marketing Coordinator

If you’re an aspiring marketing maven like Peggy Olson, consider a telecommute job in virtual marketing coordinator where you’ll be a valuable resource for brand-building and marketing communication. As a Hawaii-based Marketing Coordinator you could work with a team of experienced entrepreneurs and help promote a world-class advertising company, all accomplished with enough time at the end of the day to catch a stunning sunset.

Telecommute Account Executive

For Hawaii residents with unique knowledge of their local business communities and a knack for sales, employers like Screenvision Media want your perspective as a Hawaiian resident. Use your insider insight to help companies create thriving business opportunities on the islands. The flexible hours that accompany this role mean you’ll have more time to surf, swim, and enjoy paradise.

Virtual Call Center Representative

If you’re a people person with the gift of gab, a telework position as a virtual Customer Service Representative will give you the chance to get paid to do what you love. As a telecommuting CCR or CSR for an employer such as Enterprise Holdings, Inc. you’ll enjoy paid training, competitive hourly wages, and performance incentives.

Bonus Tip: CSRs fluent in English and at least one other language could earn a pay bump! Even if you aren’t a resident of Hawaii, consider these customer service opportunities to work from anywhere without travel

Social Media Manager

Are you known for being glued to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? There’s a telecommute job for that!

As an online Social Media Manager, it will be your job to create compelling content for multiple platforms and reach your target audience. This is your opportunity to showcase your creative flair and creative command of the English language. After a day’s work is complete, sit back for pau hana and watch the shares, likes, and retweets pour in!

Telecommute Medical Underwriter

Expert researchers with a professional background in medical information should consider a Hawaii-based career is a telecommute Medical Underwriter.

Telecommuting Medical Underwriters require a specialized skill set for analyzing medical records and completing case summaries, and employers will pay a pretty penny for your services. The work is fee-based and typically completed on a part-time schedule. If you apply to and succeed in landing this opening with Examination Management Services, Inc., you could earn as much as $200 per day. Yes, please!

Telecommuting Insurance Inspector

Here’s an opportunity to work from home and get out and stretch your legs once in a while. The bulk of a remote Insurance Inspector position involves underwriting reports in a timely manner from your home office; however, there is also a need for field work to speak directly with policyholders and physically examine areas for potential hazards.

As an added bonus, there’s no experience necessary for many telecommute insurance inspection positions, so dive right in with a bit of hard work and dedication to learn this new trade.

Remote House Calls Nurse Practitioner

Making a difference every day is possible, especially as a remote Nurse Practitioner visiting residents in your local community. Responsibilities include in-home assessments, reviewing patients’ symptoms and communicating health findings. A flexible schedule means you can do rewarding work when it’s convenient for you, while meeting new people all over the islands!

Telecommute Implementation Specialist

A remote job as a telework Implementation Specialist will allow you to exercise your expertise in the implementation of programs. You may be asked to perform tasks like tracking, analyzing, and reporting metrics to ensure program goals are being met. And if you don’t mind seeing more of your personal island paradise, or venturing to the contiguous 48, some employment opportunities in this field offer up to 50% travel.

Interested in even more current telecommute job leads based in Hawaii, follow this link to our Telecommute Jobs Database—the largest of its kind—and use the location search feature to narrow your job results.

Now go find that new dream job of yours!

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