Client: Lick Observatory

Each year Lick Observatory hosts the annual Summer Series event, an educational opportunity for members of the public to come up and view the stars through telescopes normally reserved for astronomers.

The marketing materials and copy needed to reflect the magic of getting up close and personal wth astronomy.


The tagline "Get Closer To The Stars" has a dual meaning. First, viewers have the chance to get a glimpse of the stars high up on Mount Hamilton.

Additionally, event attendees have the opportunity to see lectures by "star" astronomers who are famous in their field. The copy was meant to be both informative and inspiring.

Causeware Collateral.jpg


I was hired by a Bay Area advertising agency working with the founders of Their aim was to provide a line of pro-LGBTQ consumer products and have a table at San Francisco Pride 2016.

The company needed bright copy with inspirational messages to match their colorful posters and other marketing collateral. 

Project: Event Materials

Right in the middle of working on the copy, the tragic shooting at Pulse nightclub happened in Orlando. Consequently, we decided to change all of the copy to reflect a message of pride, love, solidarity and carrying on.

"Shine On" and "March On" are in direct reference to the shooting. We wanted to show dedicated support to the LGBTQ community post-tragedy.


I was hired by a Santa Cruz company releasing a trendy medical marijuana product. Flights wanted to create copy and graphics for social media and in-store marketing materials. They wanted copy and images to reflect Flights as a lifestyle brand. The demographic was twenty to thirty-something patients who were on-to-go and in need of a convenient product.


The "Breathe In, Peace Out" tagline is meant to convey the calming nature of the product, especially outdoors. It alludes to the fact that with odor-free packaging, there's no need to worry.

"The "Green Party" image is an attempt at humor with the audience, conveying that whatever side you're on, the product is readily available.

CLIENT: Josie's Organics

I was hired by a Salinas advertising agency working with Josie's Organics, a family-run farming operation dedicated to sustainability and quality produce. They added green and red dandelions, Easter egg radishes, fennel and leeks to their line of USDA-certified organic produce. Next, the company needed product descriptions added to their website that worked with the tone of existing products.

Project: Descriptions

The brand is fun, approachable and family-friendly. The web copy for the new products needed to match. Each description contains easy food pairings and useful nutritional information: 


HACM Brochure Inside.jpg


I was hired by a Salinas advertising agency working with the Housing Authority of the County of Monterey (HACM), which provides affordable and safe housing options for residents throughout the area. With their 75th anniversary coming up, the housing authority needed an event brochure.


The brochure copy needed to reflect the past, present and future in a cohesive way. With limited space, it also needed to highlight the many accomplishments of the organization, including a diverse set of testimonials from residents of the program. View the PDF of the final brochure here.



I was hired by a Salinas advertising agency working with SmartWashSolutions, a food wash supplier helping food growers mitigate bacterial contamination. The company needed a revamped print ad that attracted food distributors and hit on the major selling points for each type of product in their line.


The headline was designed to grab attention. One of the leading issues facing food suppliers is the risk of food-borne illness and the damage it can cause. Additionally, FSMA compliance is of utmost concern. The copy then went on to highlight tracking services and preventative controls, closing with superior customer service.