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Here are the samples of my work that are the most relevant to the content writer position. These clips highlight my range and versatility as a writer and communicator. You can also read reviews about my work ethic from clients I’ve worked with here. Also, be sure to check out my new travelgram @hilaryidette. Enjoy!


Social Media Lecture


Recently, I presented a workshop and a Q+A session to a full-house, entitled “Social Media For Creatives.” The audience was compromised of nonprofit staffers, small business owners, independent contractors, entrepreneurs and artists. My presentation was divided into four main sections:

  • Social Statistics: Why social media should matter to you

  • Branding basics: How to establish brand identity

  • Picking platforms: How to know which platform is right for you

  • Trade Tools: Marketing tools to accelerate business

Here is the PDF of my presentation.

Popular Articles

These articles were all written to provide readers with relevant, educational content, as well as sell a range of products, from e-books to supplements. Each article was strategically SEO optimized and built around keywords to improve web performance.

Press Releases


Thanks for reading!

Your time and consideration are most appreciated. Want to explore more examples of my work? See the rest of my portfolio here.